Luca Iaconi-Stewart
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Model 777 - Tail



The tail section is emblematic of the struggle I often have with perfectionism in this project and of my desire to keep modifying what I’ve already built. The vertical stabilizer went through three separate revisions, each with increasing detail and functionality, until I was satisfied with its accuracy. The tail cone had a similar story: it was ripped off and completely redesigned to more closely match the real thing.

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AeroLogic Boeing 777-FZN D-AALF (81899)
EVA Airways


TAIL 1.0

The original tail section did not articulate in any way, and the skin was crudely applied to the fuselage, leading to a Frankenstein-like appearance.


TAIL 3.0

Note the much smoother and more realistic shape, as well as the additional detailing


Preliminary sketches

Tail - drawings 1.jpg

Progressive refinements to the shape of the tail cone

Tail - drawings 2.jpg

Internal structure of the tail fin/vertical stabilizer

Tail - drawings 7.jpg

Figuring out the shape and mechanics of the horizontal stabilizers

Tail - drawings 6.jpg

The internal structure of the horizontal stabilizers

Various sets of parts, ready to be printed onto letter-size paper