Luca Iaconi-Stewart
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Model 777 - Early Stages

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I started this project without giving much thought to how big the model might be, how long its construction might take, or how complex it would become. My first step was to trace a can to form the circular cross-section of the fuselage, from which all other dimensions were extrapolated. At this point, I was designing the plane completely by hand, not planning to include much detail beyond the basic exterior features. I completed a large portion of the model over several months, but successive changes and a desire for greater detail led me to scrap most of my initial work and increasingly use Adobe Illustrator to draw my plans.


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Plans for the various fuselage sections

Early - drawings - wing schematic 1.jpg
Early - drawings - wing schematic 2.jpg

Hand-drawn plans for the wing sections


Primitive fuselage dimension calculations